Peaky Blinders Website Design

The Brief

In 2016 Steven Knight, creator and writer of the Peaky Blinders, founded Garrison Tailors; a luxury menswear brand with a focus on quality British suits and accessories. Once the idea had been established, we were bought onboard and tasked with everything from marketing to warehouse integration, ecommerce to product development and more to ensure sales thrived…

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  • Website Design
  • Development
  • Bespoke Integration
  • Ecommerce
  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing
  • SEO
Peaky Blinders Website


We launched the Garrison Tailors ecommerce website in late 2016, just in time for the Christmas gift market. Sales broke expectations with targets being exceeded during the website launch period.

The website was designed with mobile users as the priority – expectation and initial research was such that the Peaky Blinders TV show meant a large proportion of users would be browsing while on the sofa.

Peaky Blinders Ecommerce

Warehouse Integration

Following the successful launch campaign of Garrison Tailors, we undertook further development work to streamline the fulfillment process of sales. A bespoke integration was built with automatic two-way connections between the ecommerce website and warehouse facility.

The integration proved vital in ensuring the rapid fulfillment of online orders and quick dispatch to match, while keeping the customer informed of the order status-quo automatically.


With an active audience in reach via the TV show, a strong social media presence was important with email marketing and organic SEO supporting the Garrison Tailors digital presence and customer interaction.

Since the very beginning of Garrison Tailors, Respond have been managing the brand through all aspects of marketing as the business continues to grow.

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