Start Point Spearfishing

Increasing the catch size for Start Point's online shop.

Challenged to hunt better sales

Start Point Spearfishing are one of the the UK’s largest spearfishing shops with a wealth of experience and friendly customer service.

We were approached by Start Point to enhance their online shopping experience and improve online sales. With a vast range of spearfishing products and a commitment to quality and product knowledge, they needed a website and digital strategy that matched their brand’s ethos and catered to their growing customer base.

  • Improved online shopping experience
  • Google Ads with a ROAS of over 25x
  • SEO content strategy

Respond helped us design a new look for our spearfishing website and developed some back end features to improve the usability of the site. They have helped us to more effectively manage SEO and we appreciate their expert advice on crafting content for our business.

They were conscious of the seasonality of our company and worked quickly to ensure that we could go live before the start of the busy summer season.
Barcley Spicer-Jenkins

Starting with a very specific aim

Before Start Point Spearfishing partnered with us, their online store faced a range of challenges in user experience and visibility. The primary objective was to optimise the website for increased conversions by ensuring that visitors could easily find and purchase products on the website in a way that reflected the level of service offered in Start Point’s brick and mortar store.

Additionally, with the competitive nature of online retail, improving SEO was crucial to drive organic traffic and rank higher on search engine results while improving landing page quality for new Google Ads campaigns.

Their team are super fast communicators and were always on hand to deal with any problems that cropped up with our website.
Barcley Spicer-Jenkins

We started by focusing on the overall structure of the website, reorganising product categories to present products in a way that was more inline with how customers were shopping.  By redesigning key visual aspects of the website and introducing a more user-friendly navigation we were able to deliver a far greater shopping experience for customers online.

A big catch and an even bigger return

We undertook further conversion rate optimisation techniques and introduced new functions such as unique product sorting and custom product add-on solutions which ensured that the website not only attracted visitors but also converted them into loyal customers. Through a tailored SEO strategy focusing on the wealth of knowledge the team held, we were able to assist with the improvement of onsite content, enhancing the site’s visibility on search engines, while utilising improved landing pages with a new PPC strategy on Google Ads.

If you’re looking to level up your online presence, give them a call, we highly recommend Phil and his team.
Barcley Spicer-Jenkins

The result was a revitalised online shop that resonated with Start Point Spearfishing’s brand values and catered to their customers’ needs. On the marketing front, we were able to use Google Ads to drive their best month of sales to date and an ad spend return of over 25x in their peak summer month. The SEO content strategy put in place now allows the team at Start Point Spearfishing to utilise all of their product knowledge to work on continually improving the tips and tricks they share with their customer base while increasing their Google rankings and improve their overall SEO performance.

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