Reaching 1M+ online shoppers for parkrun

Seamless sales from multiple vendors

parkrun sought to expand upon its merchandising opportunity to enhance its fundraising capability. We teamed up with parkrun to embark on the task of creating an online shop on the Shopify platform. The objective was clear; enable seamless sales from multiple vendors with each managing their own fulfillment, while ensuring parkrun were able to maintain control over their website and customer interactions.

We took on the new project for parkrun against a festive season deadline in 2022, delivering a robust ecommerce solution in time for the Christmas gift market. Since then, we have continued to support parkrun with ongoing consultation and Shopify development to provide further improvements to their online shopping experience.

  • Seamless multi-vendor integration
  • Conversion rate over 9%
  • Bespoke Shopify development

Custom Shopify development has been undertaken to finely tune and accommodate unique, customisable parkrun merchandise and clothing, including a solution for verifying the authenticity of purchasers for parkrun’s coveted Milestone T-Shirts.

The result is an intuitive, user-centric online shop that aligns with parkrun’s commercial objects.

We continue to provide ongoing assistance to the parkrun team alongside the integration with Duoplane to automate order notifications for all of parkrun’s fulfillment partners, suppliers, and vendors. This collaborative commerce framework not only enriched parkrun’s product offerings but also ensured a seamless operational workflow among all stakeholders.

With a strong online shop, parkrun have now been able to utilise their global audience and rack up some impressive stats. Within the initial quarter of 2023, the parkrun Shop clocked over 419,000 sessions with a promising conversion rate of 9.39%.

The momentum has continued and as of November 2023, the online shop has amassed 1.69 million sessions while maintaining a healthy conversion rate of 9%. These figures are a testament to the well-engineered ecommerce solutions implemented that have helped to significantly bolster their fundraising endeavors.

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