Our Favourite Ad Campaigns of 2023

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As a digital marketing agency we always have lots of appreciation for the big brands and their adverts, the big budgets, the big stars and the ingenuity of their campaigns. So we’ve put together our favourite ad campaigns of the year to celebrate the great and the good!

Barbie Movie 

Chosen by Charlotte, our Account Director

The Barbie Movie campaign was pure nostalgia with a modern day feel. Using social media, bus shell ads, billboards and more, the volume of adverts that were flying around to promote the film created a real barbie moment. The colours were bold, audiences were engaged with the catchy music and trailers drawing in our imagination, created a real buzz to get us to the box office. 

Guinness’s St Patrick’s Day 

Chosen by Phil, our Director 

Guinness’s St Patrick’s Day campaign was very simple, funny and memorable. The whole look and feel of the advert is consistent with the product, with catchy music and humorous graphics the advert is patriotic and celebratory with a clear simple message around St Patricks Day, helping to promote their 0% beer. The entire advert remains on brand with the colours reflecting their product perfectly.

Aldi’s Cuthbert Cake TV Advert

Picked by Matt, our Web Developer 

Following on from the online ‘cake wars’ which saw all the big supermarket brands join in on a social media spat around the true ownership of the much loved caterpillar cake, Aldi brought us a tv ad. The Cuthbert cake tv advert was fun, light hearted and witty. Aldi definitely understands its audience and knows when to add humour into its marketing. Keep watching their social media pages as they’re always up to something!

Dove’s Taking Action for #KidsOnlineSafety 

Chosen by Amy, our Digital Marketing Assistant 

As part of their Self-esteem project, Dove’s #KidsOnlineSafety campaign addresses the real-life consequences of harmful beauty content on the lives and wellbeing of young people. The campaign was powerful with a hard-hitting message. It just reminds us that brands can be crucial in raising awareness and creating change.

In the world of advertising, 2023 has been the year of keeping it simple and bringing a smile to our faces through engaging storytelling. These campaigns haven’t just promoted products or services but have also told stories, sparked emotions, and generated conversations. We’re passionate about storytelling too, so let’s work together on your next digital marketing campaign. 

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